Road To Japan: Visa Application

Firstly, pardon me for my ugly visa photo. Haha! Secondly , yay! Our Japan visa got approved! Although they say that visa application from Singapore is almost always approved, I still felt anxious while waiting for the result. Anyway, here is a guide  for Filipino expats Japan visa application from Singapore.

Currently there are a total of 62 countries who have arrangements with Japan that waive visa requirements but unfortunately, the Philippines is not one of those countries. There are rumors circulating that Japan will lift the visa requirements for Filipinos but until now, this has not yet materialized. However, visa application is free of charge.

What are the advantages of applying in SG rather than in PH? (do take note that you can only apply in Singapore if you have a valid pass)

  • You don’t need to go through an agency to apply for visa. No agency means no processing fee.
  • Less documents are required. No need for birth certificate, daily itinerary, income tax return, etc.

Documents to be submitted. Just submit these documents in the right order and you are good to go. Do not staple your papers.

  1. Original passport
  2. Original visa application form with one recent passport sized photo in light background.
  3. Original certificate of employment
  4. Photocopy of flight itinerary with round trip ticket
  5. 1 month latest bank statement. E-statements are accepted as long as the first page has both the account name and number. I don’t know how much is needed but most suggest to retain at least 3,000 SGD in the account
  6. Photocopy of IC

When you have all the necessary documents, just proceed to Japan Embassy at Nassim Road, go to the visa section and get your queue number. It should only take a minute or two before you are called at the counter. They will quickly check your documents and if everything is okay, they will give you your claim slip and ask you to come back, usually after 5 working days.

If you have pending documents to be submitted or you brought the photocopy instead of the original documents, they will highlight the document you need in the claim slip and ask you to bring it on the day of releasing.

Take note that application is processed in the morning and releasing is in the afternoon.

So there it is! One step down, next is booking accommodations through airbnb. 🙂 R.




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