Gastronomic Adventures in Japan

I was never a fan of Japanese food. I know it’s dumb but when people say Japanese food, I only think about sushi, cold and raw and the possibility of contracting parasites when it isn’t prepared right. However, my view of the Japanese cuisine changed when we went to Japan last week. I LOVED everything we ate there! I even dared to try eating sushi for the first time and I liked it as well. Here are some of the delicious food we had in Japan. Most had long queues but were definitely worth the wait.

  1. Tsukemen at Fu Unjiimageimage
  2. Ramen at Ichiranimageimageimage
  3. Yakitori at Toritakeimageimage
  4. Pork Tonkatsu at Matsunoyaimageimage
  5. Sushi at Uogashi Standing Sushi Barimageimageimage
  6. Udon at Matsunoyaimageimage
  7. Pablo’s cheesetartsย imageimageimage
  8. Crepes in Harajukuimage
  9. Fried chicken breast, onigiri, takoyaki, franks in convenience storesimageimageimageimage
  10. Japanese curry, quesadillas, mexican beef in DisneySea restaurantsimageimageimage

Did I make you drool? Lol


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