Road To Japan: Visa Application

Firstly, pardon me for my ugly visa photo. Haha! Secondly , yay! Our Japan visa got approved! Although they say that visa application from Singapore is almost always approved, I still felt anxious while waiting for the result. Anyway, here is a guide  for Filipino expats Japan visa application from Singapore. Currently there are a total of 62 countries who have arrangements with Japan that … Continue reading Road To Japan: Visa Application

Picturesque Puerto Princesa

It’s more fun in the Philippines! It’s now time to feature one of our own. 🙂 Aptly nicknamed “the city in a forest,” Puerto Princesa city’s attractions have much to do with its natural wonders and commitment to the environment. In fact, it’s been named the Philippines’ cleanest and greenest city, and has been internationally recognized for environmental excellence. Beaches Next to Boracay, Palawan is the most popular … Continue reading Picturesque Puerto Princesa

Blazing Bangkok

Sawasdee! (“Hello” in Thai) Bangkok is our chosen destination for our first travel this 2016. Thailand is called the gateway to South East Asia, most start their trail here before going to neighboring countries such as Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. It’s a backpacker’s haven. Honestly I did not expect much, I thought it will just be like I’m back in the Philippines but Bangkok surprised … Continue reading Blazing Bangkok